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We frequently receive requests for information about people who were born, or once lived in Long Eaton or Sawley. This website was originally designed to be as informative as possible about the history of the towns of Long Eaton and Sawley. It wasn't intended to be an information service about people who were either born here, or lived here at some time during their lives. As we are only a family who have an interest in the history of the town we live in, we don't keep records of individual births, deaths or marriages. All the information on this website was painstakingly gathered from spending many hours in the Long Eaton library searching for the relevant details for the site. Other information has been kindly provided from other sources. We realise though that tracing people's family history is of great importance to some of our visitors and would like to help as much as possible. With this in view, for those of you wishing to research your family history in Long Eaton and Sawley, the following addresses and websites may be of interest. Some of the search services available may incur a small charge.

Derbyshire Record Office
County Offices
Telephone: 01629 580000 (+44 if phoning from outside the UK)
Archivist: 01629 585591
Search Room: 01629 585347

The most recent census information online for England and Wales, is the 1901 census. The address for this website is: Details of the costs to view the results of any searches you may carry out on this website are currently as follows (These may be subject to change). Please note: there is a Minimum Charge per session for Credit and Debit Card users of 5 per session

  • View Image of Census page 0.75 (Some page types are FREE to view.)
  • Search for a Person FREE
  • Advance Person Search FREE
  • Full Transcription Details for a Person in Household 0.50
  • View all details for the rest of the people in the Household. 0.50
  • View Image of the whole Census page listing person 0.75
  • Search for a Vessel (Merchant and Royal Navy) FREE
  • List of Persons in Vessel (Merchant and Royal Navy) 0.50
  • Transcription Details for a Person in Vessel (Merchant and Royal Navy) 0.50
  • View Image of the whole Census page listing person in Vessel 0.75
  • Search for an Institution FREE
  • List of Persons in Institution 0.50
  • Full Transcription Details for a Person in Institution 0.50
  • View Image of the whole Census page listing person in Institution 0.75
  • Search for a Place FREE
  • View Image of each Census page covering a place 0.75
  • Direct Access by Archival Reference Number - if you know the exact reference of the census image you wish to view, you can access it directly. 0.75
  • High Quality A3 Print Image of Census page 0.50 per print (the postage and packing charge for your dispatch address will be shown on the print request screen) plus postage & packing (minimum charge 2.50)

You can pay by credit card, debit card or by purchasing a voucher. List of suppliers of vouchers can be found on the census website. The full transcription details for a person will show you all the information on that person from the census. It has been typed so it is easy to read.

The image will show you a picture of a whole page as written by the enumerator. You may find the original handwriting difficult to read so the transcription can be useful. On the image you could see other members of the household and some neighbours too. Sometimes you will have to look at more than one image to see a whole household as the original entries might have been written on more than one page. You can print out the image or save it on your computer.

Other addresses and websites that may be useful are:

Family Record Office
1 Myddelton Street

The Public Record Office
Ruskin Avenue
(also includes records from WWI and WWII).

Home > Welcome > Researching Your Family Tree

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